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iProov partners with Evernym to simplify onboarding and device binding for personal identity management

iProov and Evernym have announced a partnership, to integrate iProov’s Genuine Presence Assurance technology into Evernym’s enterprise-grade SSI platform and consumer mobile app, Connect.Me.

Based on the most advanced decentralized identity technology, Evernym’s Verity platform enables organizations and governments to issue, accept, and verify credentials with individuals that serve as digital proofs of one’s identity.

This technology gives people total control over their identity and personal data, while providing the freedom of being able to take and use these credentials anywhere, and allowing organizations to deliver more seamless and secure experiences for their users.

iProov technology will be used to provide high assurance during the online onboarding of a remote consumer. It will also be used to protect the crucial processes of binding an individual to their device and the credentials stored on it.

Andrew Bud, Founder and CEO at iProov, said; “iProov and Evernym are pioneers in digital identity. We’re setting new standards in security, privacy, and usability. iProov is delighted to be supporting the self-sovereign identity community by partnering with one of its very founders.”

Steve Havas, CEO at Evernym said; “Evernym is constantly enhancing every aspect of our platform and service to meet the needs of our production customers. iProov shares our commitment to security, privacy, and putting users first, and their technology will allow us to take further steps forward in empowering people with control over their personal data.”

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