22 November, 2019

idRamp: Self-Sovereign Identity and Enterprise Access Management

idRamp is addressing the super hot sweet spot of the intersection between Self Sovereign Identity innovation and Enterprise Access Management needs.

An especially potent sweetspot is the intersection of SSI innovations and how they might be applied to immediate enterprise use case scenarios.

This is what idRamp are setting out to address.

IdRamp empowers organizations with a simple, rapid deployment service for all Cloud applications. With IdRamp, organizations can replace complex disconnected integrations with a user friendly application catalogue that can be updated on demand. IdRamp reduces IT integration backlog and allows the business to add or remove applications automatically at any time.

This capability can be applied to a number of use case scenarios, such as Password Management, Single Sign-on, and Decentralized Authentication and Directory Integration.

Their Sovrin feature interview describes the role SSI plays in these scenarios.


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