21 November, 2019

Building the Scottish Credential Ecosystem

In this video Andy Tobin of Evernym proposes Scotland should develop their own ‘credential ecosystem’, emulating what has been pioneered in Alberta, Canada – The Alberta Credential Ecosystem.

Identity Ecosystems

Using examples of physical documents like drivers licences, Andy explains how these are identity credentials that are used to prove who we are to facilitate business processes, such as opening a new bank account, and the essence of Digital Identity is the digitization of these documents and these proofing functions, so that their equivalent purpose can be replicated online.

The fact different organizations must interoperate, such as Identity Providers and Banks, to facilitate these exchanges so the overall system is one of an ecosystem. Their interoperation is key to enabling a frictionless online experience.

Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI)

Andy explains the key dynamic of ‘Self-Sovereign Identity’ is that it is decentralized versus centralized, achieved through ‘DID’ open standards. Rather than a single, central database of Identity information users themselves hold, manage and present their own digital credentials, via digital wallets such as Evernym’s Connect.me.

This mirrors the physical world, where users carry their credential documents like their drivers licence in their wallet.

Building the Scottish Credential Ecosystem

Where Evernym provide the technology for these ecosystems, they have also established a separate organization, the Sovrin Network, to instantiate the actual ecosystem itself. Sovrin is a membership organization that regulates the overall system through its governance.

Furthermore programs like Alberta’s then localize this collaboration, providing a community vehicle for participants to zero in on the specific use cases they want to digitally enable through SSI, such as how local Telecomms, Government, Healthcare and Insurance organizations might interoperate to facilitate shared business processes.

Andy proposes an equivalent Scottish program to repeat this same pioneering innovation and position Scotland at the forefront of the Digital Identity revolution.


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